Dindga McCannon

I am currently celebrating my 50th year as an artist. In that time, I have always been a fiber artist but have also been a writer/illustrator, painter, wearable art maker, costume designer, muralist, and printmaker and, a mother. My work is the fusion of traditional needlework (skills given to me by my mother and grandmother), with the fine arts: drawing, painting and printing and printmaking, along with a lot of mixed media. I tend to work in series; one of my ongoing

series is the celebration of women’s lives, portraits and herstories. 


I work intuitively. Each work is made using multilayered processes: exploring what if and experimenting with what might happen if I mix and match whatever medium I’m utilizing at the moment. I draw, paint, dye and print onto fabric, paper, or both, which are then quilted, beaded, hand or machine embroidered and embellished with things from “my collections.” I also do collages with the same kind of embellishments. I consider myself a fiber/mixed-media/quilt artist.



Email: Dindga at aol dot com

Website: art-alive dot com slash dindga

The Margual-Magic In Senegal
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Harlem Memoir
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A Women's Work is Never Done
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